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Quality Assurance and Food Safety

At MFF, we are committed to ensuring the quality & food safety of every product available through our company. We ensure that each product meets the defined standards of food safety & product quality as required by our HACCP certification. All new suppliers must pass our qualification process & are required to have appropriate certification or MFF reserves the right to do an internal audit.

Food Safety

We have a comprehensive customer incident process & supplier follow through. At our warehouse, we meet the comprehensive food safety standards that meet or exceed the requirements of HACCP with annual audits to verify our food safety, sanitation & quality systems.

Customer Assurances

We have a comprehensive product recall process & product sampling &  testing is regularly done to ensure product compliance with standards.We have an incident handling process for timely & complete resolution.

When you select MFF as your food service distributor, you can be absolutely confident knowing that our dedicated team will ensure you receive safe, consistent & quality products every time.

We know it’s important for you to have the products you need when you need them. MFF brings our passion for food, along with our dedication to service & reliability to our customers.

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